Wherever You Go

by Sweet Wednesday

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released May 1, 2006

Lisa Housman- vocals, guitar
Dave Falk- vocals, guitar

Steve Mayone- electric guitar, lapsteel, mandolin
Paul Kochansky- bass
Andy Plaisted- drums, percussion
Jim Gambino- keys
Jamie Walker- electric guitar (2, 6)
Steve Sadler- dobro, lapsteel (5)
Seth Connelly- acoustic guitar, mandolin, jambe (8)



all rights reserved


Sweet Wednesday Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mid-Morning Rain
This is my day for waiting on the phone
I've been waiting here so long
That the song on the radio's repeating, yeah and
This is my day to get a flat tire
And get stuck out on the highway all alone
Just ten miles shy of meeting you, and

Hold out my hands to the midmorning rain
There's a woman crying in a town somewhere to the east
Don't ask me how I can hear it through all this thunder
Sometimes something hits your wavelength and it finds its way all the way to my ears

I don't know what I did wrong
Seems I always wreck the song
Trying to squeeze too many words into too little space
If I had a year or two
To escape from all of these crazy cars and trains
I might understand your love again, and

Hold out my hands to the midmorning rain
How it's falling like the pieces of a puzzle made of glass
And they dissolve into a picture in my hands
Reflections of the sky mingle with my life line again

And I don't know if this is
The place I broke down last year
I'd like to think I got a little farther this time
But I always seem to break down
I try to find a rusted souvenir
An ornate turning gear
I give it to you

This is my day to find your note
In the pocket of my coat
That you wrote a year ago
I never saw it
Telling me I should not fret and that everything it happens for the best
As long as you can see the sky, and

Hold out your hands to the midmorning rain
Cup a bit of everything in life there in your hands
People on the highway rushing by so fast
Would wish that they were broken down
If they knew the pleasure you get from the rain
Track Name: (Lisa, I'm Sorry I Brought You to) New York City
Well, we’re heading over the Brooklyn Bridge now
Our engine sputters and comes to a halt
And the cars around us clench their wheels in anger
Against the sparkling asphalt

You say, “You should have filled the tank up back in Jersey!”
I say, “I would have but the gas gage doesn’t work!”
Now the cars are backed up for miles and miles
As we get a ticket from an NYPD parking clerk

Lisa, I'm sorry I brought you to New York City
I'm sorry you're having a bad time
The buildings strech so high
And the skyline's so pretty
Maybe you'd have a better time of it
If you could just stop complaining

Well, our friends we’re staying with they just got married
After three days with us they’re threatening divorce
They offered us free tickets to see the Sox play the Yankees
But you told them, “We don’t like sports!”

I was scared half to death at the Life Café
There was a Pit Bull in the vestibule by the door
He was chewing on the remains of a bacon double cheeseburger
And he looked like he wanted something more


We headed south to a restaurant by the river
Our waitress danced with candles on her head
She tripped on your bag
And the highlights of your hair turned a brilliant fiery red

You sprinted all the way out to the front door
Were you crying out in anger or in pain?
You stepped outside
And your hair was extinguished
By the sweet summer rain

Lisa, I'm sorry I brought you to New York City
I'm sorry you're having a bad time
The buildings strech so high
And the skyline's so pretty
Maybe you'd have a better time of it
If it would just stop raining
Track Name: Pacific Shores
Drivin’ down on the highway
Feel the wind on my neck
Came in this town on a one night stand
And I ain’t ever coming back

You couldn’t see things my way
You don’t like my point of view
But maybe baby I was to blame
Tryin’ to find someone else inside you

Still hear the Pacific shores call from far away
Saying maybe she will come back
Back to me someday

Her daddy, he was a sailor
Followed the Northern Star
Ended up in jail for fifteen years
For what started out as a fight in a downtown bar

And she tends to laugh when she’s nervous
And she cries when she’s tired
The way she always finds her way is something
That I have always admired


Night time, falling down the dunes of Half Moon Bay
Our footprints glowed in the phosphorescent sand
And I left my guitar too close to the shore
And when the tide came in, it played a lonesome tune
So, I snatched it up and played you a song I hadn’t even written yet
And if I remember correctly it went a little something like this

Drivin’ down on Highway 1, I feel your hand on my lap
The air is warm, your eyes are closed
And you’re taking an afternoon nap
And I wrote you a letter, sayin’, “Hey I’m doing fine.”
You wrote me back, said you never took me to be
The phone talking letter writing kind.

Track Name: How Can I Know?
How can I know
What is it you're thinking
If you won't tell me yourself?
I try to read signs
You leave with your fingers
Still the dust collects upon my shelf

The car backfired and sounded like a whole parade of gunshots
Your speckled dog was cowering, and the butterflies flew off
And I had no more hurry, I just gave my breath to chance then
Left a dusty city phantom for a green I had supposed

Out on the road
Past all the truckstops
I couldn't drive anymore
You said there's a sound
something strange in the engine
We stopped for you to try to find a cure

I took your dog and ran
Out towards the mountains
We found a sandy place there
Where a bluebird had flown past
And when I came on back
You'd got the engine running
You took that tattered feather
And laid it on the dash

Fractured words and scattered moments
We felt each other move at night
You touched my hair just like a comet
Sparkling shivers of your light

Tousle-haired child
From over the mountains
From a planet far, far away
Stay with me long
I believe in the silence
You will find a way to say,

"I love you like a night
Sky that comes a-searching
Over hills and canyons
For a poet to inspire
And through the dark green night
I'll find the place that's hurting
And with the sand inside me
To heal it I will try"
Track Name: Wherever You Go
I was conquered by your kiss, overthrown by your beauty, Babe,
When Jed came in for the hostile takeover
Yeah, he came in so valiantly on his Trojan Horse
I think it was around the same time that we used our last pack
Now I sit here amidst the rubble of empty beer cans and pizza boxes
But I’m rebuilding Rome in a day

I think about you in my sleep
My head grows heavy and my knees get we-e-eak

Wherever you go, I will be with you
Wherever you go, I will be with you
In your memory

You and Jed finally left that shed
You’ve got a one room apartment with weeds in the lawn
Yeah, we used to talk about having babies together
A girl named Jasmine, a boy named Leo or Zack
Yeah, Jasmine was gonna be an Astrophysicist
And Leo, a writer of songs
Yeah, we’d look on so proud on graduation day, babe,
When Jasmine gave the Valedictorian Address

Your ghost comes back at three past noon
You might have left this place too so-o-oon


I’m pied piper to the rats in my practice space
Where I practice all I do and say
And I relive my past, and I realize my dreams
And it’s the place; you all know the place,
Where we all get a little better or a little worse each day

There’s Sleepy- he keeps me up all night with his snoring
And Grumpy cheers me up when I get real angry
Sister Heartache looks at me with her halo smile
She says, “It’s only a matter of time.”
And Grumpy says, “Hey man, get over it,
She’s a real pain in the ass and you can do much better!”
Sister Heartache cries, “You may never find a love as good as this one,
Man, there’s not even a reason to try.”

I think about you all the time
I try to come up with words that rhy-y-yme

Track Name: Winter Hill
So they say,
It was the coldest winter here in fifteen years
Winds so cold they even froze your tears
Ain't it strange, my love?

Then it took
Pouring like a fire through the burning rain
Stepping off the platform of that midnight train
That shook our ice castle walls

Picture still sits on the window sill
Where we lay frozen in a kiss
Here on Winter Hill

There you were
I was frozen by my worries, sitting at the bar
When you broke the ice and picked at your guitar
And drank from my frozen cup

That's when it changed
I was melting like a snowman when the air gets warm
Ain't it funny how our passion takes a different form
Say, ain't it strange my love?

Boarded your ship and you took the till
And we sailed home that night to our place on
Winter Hill

Well, spring time you may leave your lover
And summer time you are alone
Autumn's when the leaves are falling
And on Winter Hill we'll fall in love again . . . .
Track Name: McDonald's
He ordered up a Happy Meal; He sat down with his kids
I cleaned the salad trolley; I put out more plastic lids
He didn't speak to me, although I tried to say "Hello,"
His daughter had an army doll called "Cinderella Joe"

She was fighting with the ketchup, she was climbing up the fries
She went flying off the table into shark-infested skies
He yelled, "Molly, get on back here,"
When she brought the doll to me
She said, "I'll fight your carrot sticks with ghosts of Mr. T"

And I said, "That's a nice dolly, though she's missing half an ear,"
He stood and shouted, "Molly, get your body over here!"
She said, "I'm only talking with this lady on the phone,"
He said, "There's people you should talk to, people you should leave alone."

And I gave her a coin from Cuba, but he dropped it on the floor
He said, “You can’t take things from strangers as they headed for the door

And I guess he thought that because I work at McDonald's I have no soul
That a body can serve a Big Mac when it's on remote control
That serving fries would rob me of the dreams I have at night
That I'm not here, that I don't feel, that I don't reach for light

The preppy crowd comes in at lunch and orders up a storm
College boys and college-bound in sweaters that look warm
They talk about the girls they like and how they'd like to score
But when a girl walks in they don't discuss it anymore
And it's like this plastic shield up, like I'm wearing a disguise
They say "I'd like to screw someone." They don't avoid my eyes


I got this job four years ago; I go to school at night
I came here from Havana with my mom to start a life
My grand-dad was a writer; I have his book at home
For pages it's a story, then it turns into a poem
He wrote it all in Spanish, crossed out every other word
It's a kid out in the countryside, a crooked flying bird
He wrote it on brown paper in a kind of jagged scrawl
And though no one else could read it, still he had to save it all
I read it every night now, as I try to go to sleep
My fingers smudge the pages; How can paper cut so deep?

Well did you see me at McDonald's, trying to look into your soul?
Staring off to outer space like you were on remote control?
It's not like it's so bad if we keep missing in the night
Shedding mounds of fast food wrappers as we're reaching for the light
I'll clean up your fast food wrappers, just keep reaching for the light
Track Name: February Snow
Yesterday I felt so bad I thought that I could die
So, I went on home and watched on my TV
Where I saw a man who told me of the story of my life
And all the things that happened in between

And I don’t know what you’re thinking
We’ve come so far, but we’ve still got far to go
We skip school and go drinking
Lose ourselves in the February snow
Get lost in the February snow

I’d like to try to take the time to tell you all that’s on my mind
But I’m scared that it might frighten you away
I awoke to find the frozen dew upon my windowpane
As the snowflakes fell so perfectly today


It takes a lot some times
Just try not to get upset
Good things they will come to you
Like a child in the dark
We go stumbling through the night
With no one there to see us through

All the snow that’s falling through my window in my room
Can’t take the pain of bygone days away
How we clutched at railings made of ice and then we slipped and fell
And I remember what you whispered on the way

Is that still what you’re thinking?
There are dreams that are too beautiful to know
Did we kill them all with our drinking?
Or did we lose them all in the February snow?
In the February snow
Track Name: Lost without a Clue
I was lost without a clue on the day that I met you
And my feet were growing bright green blisters
Then I turned into a field and instantly was healed
When I saw you walking with your sister

I’m so happy that I found you
And I hope that you will never go away
I’m so happy when I’m around you
I want to be with you each and every day

I was lost without a clue on the day that I met you
I was tripping over my own shoelaces
Then you taught me how to tie them into butterflies
And we went soaring over hills and churches


And still sometimes this fog and thunder fills my mind, and
I am stumbling, I cannot find which way to go
Through the darkness that comes all around me like a shroud, you’re
Leading me towards the light

I was lost without a clue on the day that I met you
I was hanging out in subway stations
I was wrapped up in a book, didn’t know quite where to look
When you came and brought me inspiration

Track Name: Crazy That It Rained Again
A long time ago in the January snow
Where we trudged for hours with no sense of the time
We were younger then, and we were not yet friends
We were just two lost angels bumming rides by the side of the road

Then you came to me like a whirlwind
And the burning asphalt started to bend
I saw Orion had no place to end
So I named it after you instead

I turned twenty four, when you broke into my prison door
And two worlds collided, and life as I once knew it ends

You taught the stars to me
Beneath the shady Sycamore tree
I was ugly then, but you chose me
And showed me the lights of fluorescent beauty

Lost in the rain, our course was like the launching of a space plane
And you showed me the stars in your head that shined like daffodil streets
Maybe we’re plagued in the heart, and letters and words tear us apart
There’s happiness these days, but it still beats the heck out of me

If gravity can pull us apart
And ghosts can travel through our art
The waters weep and the oceans part
By your spotlight silvery moon

You don’t seem to care what people think or say anywhere
You can look a thousand miles in a heart and stare
While the world thinks that we’re buffoons

It don’t seem to go. Don’t seem to know what I used to know
Just searching for the thoughts that I lost on the tip of my mind

And it’s crazy that it rained again
A rabbit squirrel said you were my friend
Is the beginning just a space to the end
Like the line of the shore and the sea?

Don’t get lost in the game
Even when the flame comes
Or if peace could sound like a victory drum
Or if the next driver saw my hitchhiking thumb

Cuz we’re the lost children of the universe
And Life ain’t free, but it still means a lot to me
And maybe someday we’ll learn what it’s all about
Track Name: San Francisco
I knew it was time to hit the road
When I finally started learning my way around
Can’t get too confident
It throws me off

And your voice was always loud and clear
You said that I would love it here
“You can really feel the difference;
Nothing but good will in California.”

And I thought that it might be a city full of
People like you
People who’d stop and ask you how your day was
People with your kind of way of filling
Up the whole room
I don’t think I could be in a
bad bad mood around you
Oh no..

So I got off the plane
I couldn’t believe that I was here
And we went speeding down that endless highway

You said, “Those things out there are palm trees
And they’re swaying on their stalks
I like the way they move
It makes me happy

And do you feel happy now,
You’ve come to San Francisco?
Send a hundred postcards out to everyone you know
You can stay at my house
Take a bus out to the mission
And practice your guitar all day
As if it was your home.”

You thanked your friend for the ride
We reached your house
We went inside
You said, “It looks like a crack house
But it’s affordable housing
And as I stepped into the hall
I saw the bright blue writing on the wall
It said, “come and find your vision..
Come and find your hope
In California.”

And the window was open and I felt the fog come and
Enter my dreams
But all my sleep was stolen by awakenings

So I went outside in the half-grey light and
Wandered the streets
I thought that I could make it there in bare feet

And I saw the sleeping town and lights of San Francisco
A woman laying out upon her roof to catch the moon

And I felt your presence in the air
My God, I’ve missed you
Like a lighthouse always, Julie,
Shining out across the fog

I came home after a while
With battered feet and something wild
That I found on the corner of fourteenth and Elsie
You put it in a vase
By a statue of Jessie Helms you’d made
Out of pink triangles and a broken coat hanger

And the paintings that hung on your wall were of
Crimson and
Purple and gold

You said, “They have their secrets but they can’t be told.”

And skipping you took my hand and said,
“Let’s dance on the beach
You know the sand is finer and the air is sweet
In California.”

And I felt the sand between my toes in San Francisco
And I touched the ocean and the ocean tasted me

And I sat and played guitar for folks at Frieda’s Pizza
On a warm night in the mission

And they said, “You must come back soon.”
And I came back every day

But summer turns to fall, and I heard Massachusetts call
And like a leaf in Autumn I had to find the ground
I went to say goodbye to all my friends both low and high
And I planted a flower by a chinkapin tree

And in the midst of the rust and the cigarette butts
I planted it deep
And it was leaning lightly out
Towards the breeze
And I planted it high on the top of a hill
In the afternoon light
And then I had to go back down and catch my flight

And I feel you in my blood and mind like San Francisco
And I feel your earthquakes from the other side of town
And if you should come back East
to Boston, well, I’ll kiss you

I do remember you now most especially in the fall
Track Name: Grandma
When I was five, my parents went away on a one week vacation.
I went to the door, and who did I see? The best Grandma in the nation!

“Hey Jon, Jon! Grandma’s here! Do you know what that means?
We get to stay up late and watch movies, and eat lots of ice cream and go to Brigham’s!”

Life is good, yeah, life is sweet
Grandma's here so let's have a treat
Come sit down and watch a movie
Eat some cake and feeling groovy

Grandma let us stay up late that night to watch
James Bond in For Your Eyes Only
And Grandma seemed to have her eyes on Roger Moore
She said, “That Roger Moore is quite handsome.”

“Jon, Jon! Do you think Grandma and Roger Moore could get married?”
“Wow! That would be so cool! Grandma married to James Bond!”
“I get to sit next to Grandma.”
“No, I do! It’s my turn!”
“If Grandma sits in the middle, then we both get to sit next to her.”


Grandma told me she came from Foggia
Which is across the Adriatic Sea . . .
I said, “Grandma, let’s go back there and visit someday,”
But she said she can’t because she’s an alien . . .

“Jon, Jon! Grandma said she’s an alien . . . Like ET . . .
I wanna go ride in her spaceship!”

Grandma drives her blue Buick Regal spaceship really slow
She drives 10 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone
She points to a sign and says the speed limit is 16
“Grandma, I think that means route 16.”


Someday when I’m older, and they find a cure for cooties
Maybe, I’ll have kids and grand kids of my own
And we can go feed the ducks, and walk through the autumn leaves,
Eat lots of ice cream, and watch movies!


“Jon! Mom and Dad are coming home today, and you know what that means!
Grandma’s going to have to go back to her house,
And no more staying up late and watching movies and eating lots of ice cream.”

“Grandma, Jon and I were thinking . . .
Even though mom and dad are coming home today,
Maybe you could stick around the house for a bit?”
Track Name: Hold Me Close
This hot day suddenly turned so cold
In its gusts I am enveloped
In my pocket I have these photographs
That have never been developed

I picked the last ripe fruit yesterday
My boss said, "Well, you'll be on your way."
But I didn't save enough to
Get back to California yet

And when the cold wind tugs my shoulder
Tries to pull me where it hides
I see you standing over all the summer
Flowers that have died

Take me in, hold me close
Winter's coming like a ghost
That I can see on the horizon
Stealing the green from all the trees
And myself, I feel me stripped
Bare and empty like the wind
And you can clothe me in nothing but your love
If you want to try it out

San Diego winter's just a cooler shade of summer
You have to go
Up to the mountains for a flake of snow
Failing life and failing love
I left there fleeing pictures of
A world I was too familiar with to know

And I met you by a maple tree
Out by the railroad tracks
And I cherish all your kisses
And your hands upon my back


And I am ragged, I am just a dusty traveler
Can you polish off this rough and quarried
stone that is my heart?
I will do the same for you
We'll make it through this winter
Even if it is the coldest one on these newspapers' charts

I'll take you in, hold you close
I know the thing you fear the most
Is getting stranded, being covered by the ever growing snow
I'll keep you warm 'til the spring
When the world wakes up again

I'll take you in, leaves are falling
I'll hold you close, snow is coming
I'll take you in
And you can clothe me in nothing but your love